Thursday, March 6, 2008

Traders International Deliver MASSIVE Results!

I have been training the sales / presentation team from Traders International in their on stage presentation and Power Point constructions and the results have been staggering for them...they have gone from an average of 10 to 20% room converstions in the bookings for the Live Trading Previews to over 70% in less than 30 days that has also translated into some of the highest attendances to the Live Trading Preview across the country.

Most importantly the actual sales of the complete TI program has moved from 10% of room to over 30% and the team is incedibly happy...most important we are only just getting started.

Unlimited Power Australian Tower

It has been a tough schedule starting in Sydney and presenting to a large audience over 2 days then one day travel then 2 days presenting in Brisbane, then Melbourne, then Adelaide and now I am in Perth. The audiences have been FANTASTIC, they engage, play full out and investing in their personal has been a fantastic trip and the finacial outcomes from my delivery for Empowernet the company that engaged me to present, sell and tie all of the speakers together has exceeded all expectations both from the audience feedback and from Empowernets financials budgets.

2008 Starts with a BLAST!!!!

Well where do I start, my feet have barley touched the ground. I have been traveling across Asia delivering the Date With Destiny sales presentation and it was a great result for all concerned. I want to personally thank Richard Tan and his team for looking after me so well ...they have a great team. I am looking forward to seeing the 100 plus people from Singapore and KL at the event this year.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Unlimited Power Events Across Australia

Well another massive project with incredibly short timeframes and next to no attendees as I take this on. Only four weeks to get another approx. 1900 people to register for Melbourne, 2000 to register for Sydney and 2200 to register for Brisbane, this will take a dedicated effort and means pulling on evey JV and Alliance I can put together inside the next week to 2 weeks MAX. I will also get a small telesales team together and start a dedicated approach to the Empowernet database. Putting all of this together will be tight, one wrong move and it will not work.

To top off the opportunities I will also be on stage running the event and presenting with Joseph and Joe Anthony Robbins top 2 coaches in the world today that should be fun but best of all I get to present and sell the Destiny Results System to the Australian audiences they are going to be blown away.

Community Telcos Australia

I will be delivering sales training in Ballart for Community Telcos Australia, the subject will be focused on sales closures and will also include Prospecting, Investigating Needs, Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale. This will be a great event planned by Mr. Paul Mizzi the Sales Director for Community Telcos Australia.

Date With Destiny 2008 in Australia

I have just finished the building of the 2008 Destiny Results System and will now start the training of the sales team in Sydney and then train 2 presenters to deliver the 'Boardroom' sessions that were so massivley successful in the Robbins Results System campaign for UPW 2007. The sales target is huge but by building and training the right sales team and constructing a value stacked sales proposition, targeting the right prospects and through on stage sells at Unlimited Power events in late November 2007 the sales targets will be exceeded. This program will provide clients with over $20,000 worth of Anthony Robbins immersion for $6995 and absolute bargin at double the price.

Robbins Results System in Australia

Well what a month this has been after finishing the Robbins Results System sales construction and launch in Australia, just over 5 weeks from start to finish, 72% overall closing ratio, over $1,000,000 in incremental sales in less than 3 weeks, it was an outstanding success and set a new standard for sales and more importantly a new model that will now be taken in to 2008 with a massive intensity.
I guess one of the most important factors was how impressed Tony Robbins was with the outcome, it was one of the very best Unleash The Power With events I have ever been to and the over 4000 that attended felt the same. The testimonials are incredible to say the least.

Much, much more to come before the end of the 2007 year.