Thursday, November 1, 2007

Unlimited Power Events Across Australia

Well another massive project with incredibly short timeframes and next to no attendees as I take this on. Only four weeks to get another approx. 1900 people to register for Melbourne, 2000 to register for Sydney and 2200 to register for Brisbane, this will take a dedicated effort and means pulling on evey JV and Alliance I can put together inside the next week to 2 weeks MAX. I will also get a small telesales team together and start a dedicated approach to the Empowernet database. Putting all of this together will be tight, one wrong move and it will not work.

To top off the opportunities I will also be on stage running the event and presenting with Joseph and Joe Anthony Robbins top 2 coaches in the world today that should be fun but best of all I get to present and sell the Destiny Results System to the Australian audiences they are going to be blown away.

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